Although girl group 4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ has passed a month and a half after it’s release, it seems that the longer time passes, the longer they will secured themselves with the ‘Steady Seller’ position.

Released in the end of April, 4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ is currently ranked number 9 on Melon Chart (on the 14th July), showing its long-run power on the chart.

Despite releases from Lee Hyori, ShinHwa, CL, Sistar, Ivy, After School and many more popular singers in the time period between May and June, 4minute managed to show their steady popularity on the charts, which brings a deeper meaning to this success. In fact, songs that are included in the top 10 Melon charts, are from Sistar, After School, Ivy and more whose songs were released not more than 2 weeks.

4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name’ is the only song that stays on the chart for more than a month since its release in April. In particular, ‘What’s Your Name’ has swept number 1′s on various music programs, even broadcast promotional activities were in a crazy state. They have continuously proved the strength of their song. Words of mouth from representatives in the industry commented, “Although there are continuous competitions between girl groups , 4minute’s ‘What’s Your Name?’ have already confirmed its position as the hit song for the first half year”.



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