Rather than the keyword ‘Explicitly Sexy’… would this fit her? The Trouble Maker member, Hyuna, has returned with a vintage glam look.

“Our first Trouble Maker album came out really well, so the anticipation for our second album rose too. I worried very much. Fortunately, many said that they love it and as we promoted the song, it was great.”

“On stage,  I would dance with killer high heels, but during usual times, I prefer wearing sports shoes. It’s another look of Hyuna other than the on stage Hyuna.”

“I like outfits from Steve J & Yoni P. Their 2014 S/S collection are the best in my opinion. It’s like you can feel the exciting process of producing these outfits when one first set eyes on it.”

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Hyuna is the diligent type of person who would monitor newly debuted rookie groups’ performance and watch videos of senior musicians. She feels that rookie groups have a bright and fresh energy. On the other hand, she wants to gain the aura of veteran singers who often have strong charisma on stage.

Trouble Maker’s ‘Chemistry’ is 100% Chemistry on stage too.

Rather than saying I did well, Hyunseung Oppa was the one who adapted to me. So it’s not 99% but 100%. Moreover, both of us are extremely practice bugs. We always work hard to show a perfect and well-matched performance.  In our new album concept, we were a rebellious yet sad couple. We put in lots of effort to immerse ourselves in the character. And, thanks to that, we looked like a real couple.

We get into a couple act in ‘Now’ MV too

We took in strong consideration on showing a really no-tomorrow type of couple rather than just binding ourselves to a couple concept. Since we filmed this music video in a drama format, each scene is really interesting. The scene where I and Hyunseung fought in the car… that was the most memorable one. I was really intimidating. In reality, the car was much smaller. I was so scary and Hyunseung Oppa patted my back and said that it’s okay. Although we often joke with each other, at such times, Hyunseung Oppa felt like a dependable Oppa. (Laughs)

‘Sexy’ to me

Sexiness is my energy. Every woman has the potential to be sexy. In my case, I actually want to show a perfect stage that shows my diligence. However, I seemed to show more of my sexiness. In the end, I thought of it as something that shows my hard work..? Therefore, I receive the response in a positive manner.

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I want to emphasize that sexiness actually gives higher self-confidence to females

If you tell yourself, saying that you’re pretty or fine today, your actions for that day will naturally emits a good energy. So, rather than feeling awkward, I showed my confident side, and that seems to be interpreted as sexy to others. Thinking about it, 4minute’s last album ‘What’s Your Name’ is one of the best example. When a guy asked a girl, ‘what’s your name?’, we would think that he’s shameless. On the other hand, it feels fresh when a girl asked a guy the same question. I think that’s the reason why this song gained so much popularity. (laughs)

Trouble Maker vs 4minute vs Hyuna – Same Hyuna but totally different.

Styles, hair, makeup until performances, none of them are the same. But if we were to compare, I heard more people complementing Trouble Maker as cool rather than sexy. Truth is, I’m happy about it. Whether it is a group or solo activity, I will always want to challenge killer genres. I think that women holding guns are somehow amazing. Moreover, Madonna is my role model. I like the fact that there’s this mysteriously different vibe when compared to men holding guns.

4minute to release album in early 2014 and I’m preparing for solo activities too.

There are much to prepare as I want to show a new look. I’m always welcoming new project such as (the project I had with) PSY Oppa. Whenever PSY Opps needs my help, it’s always an ‘Okay’ for me. (Click here for more InStyle pictorials)


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