PANDAs, 'Whatcha Doin' Today'?

Perhaps.. you heart is going dugeun dugeun after seeing Apink poster..?

I'm like that...

By the way~ The song is good♥---

T/N: 오늘뭐해 (Whatcha Doin' Today) is 4minute's new song which is released today! MV link

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Jihyun: We would like to first thank our CEO Hong Seung Sung who is watching us right now. We also would like to thank our parents who supported us at home and made sure us the five of us were healthy while conducting our promotions. 
We would like to thank our staff who were of great help during our activities, red carpet’s stylists, our dance team star system, thank you so much. There are too many people to thank, and I can’t seem to remember as of now..


Jihyun: Yes.

Jiyoon: And, of course, the one who produced our song, Brave Brothers, thank you.

Jihyun: Brave Brothers, yes.

Jiyoon: And to the producers who will write songs for us in the future, (suddenly laughs) please take care of us well. And also, to the members of 4minute, and to 4NIAS, thank you!

Jihyun: Thank you!

4minute: Thank you!

Hyuna: We will do our best!

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I arrived at Cube Cafe at 1pm. I had about two hours left before the birthday party would start. While I was waiting a staff came, checked my attendance note and gave a number to wait. At this time, there weren't many people around so even though my attendance number was 21 I got number 15 to wait inside for the party. I queued before the party started for about 2 hour and a half. After a while went up to one of the practice rooms of Cube Cafe where I was given two sheets, one with my name on it. A few minutes after 3PM, Jihyun unnie appeared. She blew the candles of the cake, we sang the birthday song to her and fans got to participate to the special event prepared where a few lucky fans would get a polaroid taken with Jihyun unnie and make a wish. Jihyun took selcas with every single one of us (50 fans) I felt so happy TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Jihyun unnie shook hand with each of us too TTTTTTTTTT It was really fun and such a happy day.

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