HyunA revealed that 4minute relieves their stress through singing.

She recently participated in a photo spread with 'Elle' Magazine. During an interview with the magazine, HyunA shared, 

"Whenever I do work that involves me expressing a certain style, I don't hesitate or reject it. If it is a concept that fits my image and the outfits fit with the concept and make me look better, then I do my best."

"Honestly, 4minute is a group that relieves their stress through singing. Like our debut song, we hope to be a 'Hot Issue' from head-to-toe. Like 'Muzik', we sing with the goal to get people to wave their hands in the air when hearing our songs."

"I want to be a person that is there by one's side when he or she needs me. Especially for the members."

You can check out HyunA's full pictorial and interview in the July issue of 'Elle'!


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