After their successful promotional activities with “What’s Your Name?”, girl group 4minute will hit the airwaves soon again with their upcoming digital single.

Titled “물좋아*,” 4minute will once again join forces with Brave Brothers for their comeback.

A representative from Cube Entertainment revealed, “4minute is making a comeback. Their new track will be released on digital music portals on June 28, kicking off 4minute’s activities.”

He went on, “It will be a summer track. Producer Brave Brothers composed the song with 4minute’s image in mind. You will be able to see 4minute’s unique colour through the melody of this addictive & infectious hip hop dance track that will resonate through your ears.” raising the anticipation of fans.

4minute’s “What Your Name?” has been dominating real time charts since it’s release last month. The song has proven tremendously popular by managing to maintain its top spot nine weeks into release, asserting 4minute’s position as a top group.

*Idiom with several meanings: The water is fine/The beach is pleasant/This place is hot (en vogue)/It’s biting (related to fishing)

Source: Herald2
Translating + Editing + Reporting: Yoobin
Via. 4minute Forums

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